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Our Five Week Adventure

Nearly 6,000 milesSummer2017-44

On July 15th, 2017, we will be heading on our five week adventure! Our strategy is to pick destinations where we can spend three to four days, with the exception of Jackson Hole, which we LOVE, to avoid traveling everyday.  We have no idea how this plan will work out!

We spent time over the Christmas break booking key destinations, but since then we have had little time to plan, due to the crazy juggle of life and work schedules.  So although we have several key destination points in mind, we also know their cancellation policies, in case we change our course. We will be planning as we go!

We will be leveraging Road Trippers suggestions for things to do along the way, with the goal of surviving in the car for that long together!

Today’s Plan (July 15th – Aug. 19th)

Our key destination points will be:

  • Winton Woods Campground, Located neat Cincinnati,  with plans to see the Creation Museum, and Airstream Factory
  • Ann Arbor, MI, over night stop
  • Chicago, where we will be staying in an RV/bus lot in downtown Chicago, which will bring amazing adventures I am sure!
  • Sioux Falls, SD, over night stop
  • Custer State Park,  Badlands/Mount Rushmore/Crazy Horse Memorial
  • Cody, WY, visiting a dude ranch at the Double Diamond X Ranch
  • Yellowstone National Park, staying in West Yellowstone
  • Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons, one of our favorite places!
  • Zion National Park, Hoping to fit it in!
  • Grand Canyon, hoping to see the sun rise and fall in God’s amazing creation
  • Colorado Springs, CO, Heard this would be fun and has outdoor activities
  • Kansas, have no idea what we will do, or if we will stop!
  • Harrisburg, IL, overnight stop!
  • Nashville, TN, Staying in Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground as a surprise for our kids.  They love these campgrounds!
  • Asheville, NC, anything we do in Ashville is fun!
  • Back home to the peak of good living,  Apex, NC

Road Trippers Map

In case you are more visual, like me, and still learning where all of the states are at nearly 42 years old, here is a link to our adventure leveraging Road Trippers.

We would love suggestions in these areas, so please leave comments!

10 thoughts on “Our Five Week Adventure

  1. I had no idea you would be passing through my hometown near Toledo. Cincinnati has a great zoo-they have the first premature baby hippo known to survive, is known for skyline chili, catch a reds game and they have the Newport aquarium right over the line in KY. When you go to Ann Arbor don’t forget to stop at the Big House! Or catch a Tigers game, there is a great indoor rock climbing place if you run into inclement weather. If you are taking 75 from Cincinnati to Ann Arbor, make a stop at the horse shoe in Columbus, then keep heading north. Toledo has one of the best rated zoo and art museums in the world. Tony Packos made famous by Jamie Farr on MASH is a great lunch or dinner stop if you are tired of cooking. It is the glass city, home of Libby Glass.

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  2. I’m so proud of you for tackling many obstacles to get Alice designed, arrange for these beautiful pictures to be taken, design and set up this amazing blog, plan this Adventure of a Lifetime! I love you,


  3. Are you going to the North or South of Grand Canyon? South is better I think. If you can work Petrified Forest and / or Monument Valley into that part of the trip, those are cool too. How fun!


  4. You have some great stops that are some of our favorites. Our Airstream has been many of those places. Enjoy!


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