Prep Steps

Garden Prep

We love gardening and in preparing for our trip, we chose to only do a spring garden this year, skipping cucs, squash, corn and melons, so that we could leave the garden tidy and ready for fall planting when we return.  We store our leaves from the fall, along with grass clippings and use them in our raised beds to keep the weeds down and feed the soil. Then, till it with our compost when it is time to plant. We have so many bee and butterfly wildflowers this year, and I love seeing those pollinators in action.


IMG_0113I also like trying something new each year, because I get bored easily. This year it’s growing asparagus from seed.  It takes three years to be able to eat the stalks, so I figured this was a great summer to start!  They are actually from the fern family, which I think it interesting.  Once you have a bed of asparagus, it will last 20-30 years.


Food Prep

Our plan is to take our eggs with us, and we eat a lot of eggs! Our Americana chickens lay blue/green eggs.  I just love how they are all so different, as are their personalities.  We don’t wash them until we are ready to eat them, so they generally last 2-3 months. The “girls” and kids played in the playhouse this weekend.


Instant Pot

I have heard wonders about the Instant Pot, so I thought it would be worth the investment to save the time that typical Crock Pots require. Since we are driving quite a bit, we wanted to avoid eating out all the time. So, I am pinning recipes for my Instant Pot as well as for my Grandma’s cast iron skillet, and trying to figure out the convection oven microwave, since that will be new as well!

Alice’s Birthday

We realized today and Alice and I share the same birthday!  It must have been meant to be.  Both of us born on August 25th, although I am nine years older!  We slept in Alice in the driveway over the weekend to test the air condition and start organizing.  We have a 30 amp plug outside. IMG_0096

Backyard Fun

We are going to miss our backyard and summer nights outside (maybe not the mosquitoes though!)


12 thoughts on “Prep Steps

  1. Love y’all going to cry when you leave but it will be happy tears!! So excited for my kids. They have the best parents ever!!!! Love Nanny


  2. So cool amanda. You go girl. This will be so memorable for all of you and lots to chat about. We are dropping CJ off for college at Unc Asheville the same weekend that you are coming home from there. Just a tidbit. Enjoy the adventure the kids are going to love it! oh yeah, you guys too.


  3. Amanda, This is such a wonderful gift to give your family. They will remember this trip forever! Good luck and safe travels. My sister has traveled across country a few times and is currently in British Columbia with her husband in their Roadtrek camper. She has seen some beautiful things and made lots of friends on the way. So excited for you (give Piper a hug for me), Jane


  4. I am beyond impressed with all that you do Amanda and think that this is The. Coolest. Trip. Ever!!!! What an incredible experience for all you-I can’t wait to see what adventures you have and am so excited to follow along! Love you!


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