Visiting WhiteFish, MT

“Every Day is Good Day in the Fish.”

Owner of Markus Foods

Typically I blog our camping adventures, but I couldn’t resist sharing the beautiful scenery from our recent trip to Glacier National Park. I also love keeping track of our memories, even though at times it feels like a labor of love. When we did our cross-country trip a few years ago, Glacier National Park was too far north for us to see, and we always knew we wanted to go back.

We flew into the Kalispell airport, (it’s the closest, and equal in price to Spokane, with rental cars being cheaper), and stayed in Whitefish, the smaller more eclectic mountain town. We booked our townhouse through AirBnB with the understanding that we could bike to town, the City Lake, and use bike trail system, which sounded great to us, since we typically bike during most adventures. Our gracious hosts even had two bikes we could use, keeping us from having to rent all four.

Delicious Restaurants!

We love picking new restaurants to try while on vacation and WhiteFish did not disappoint in options! Brady and Piper loved Bonsai Brewing Company, which they had wonderful chicken sandwiches, rice bowls and burgers. The outdoor seating area had a local vibe with friends gathering after long hikes, and friendly staff. Brady and Piper liked the menu so much, we ate there three times! Piper expanded her palate this week, trying lots of new creative foods!

We also loved the Farmer’s Market, which occurs every Tuesday night from 5-7:30. There were artisans with crafts and jewelry, local farmers and bakers, and food trucks from neighboring areas. One of the food trucks, Piper and I especially loved was called Phat Wombat.

Crepes were popular with our family as well! Amazing Crepes offered sweet and savory crepes that were appropriately names, amazing!

We had mixed reviews of the Wich Haus, another super popular local restaurant, with Piper loving it so much to revisit to get the pork meatball sandwich on homemade bread, but the rest of us, not so much.

We found out she won the swim team Coaches Award while we were gone, and she was sad to miss the celebration with her friends, so we revisited to celebrated her hard work and character!

Walking and Biking Trails

There are over 40 miles of interconnected bike trails within Whitefish that run in town, alongside the lake and river. The availability of smaller bikes was limited, so we decided to buy 2 used bikes, which we sold back to the townhome owners at the end of the week. We loved walking and biking into town to pick up food and visit the shops!

The City Lake was less than a mile from our house and provided beautiful scenery with the mountains as a backdrop. And, it was cold from the melted glaciers! But, we had fun wading and splashing each other. Piper and I paddle boarded as well, which was so peaceful. The clear water with its blue-green tint was gorgeous.

We had a significant amount of smoke this week, due to the wildfires out west, and north of us in Canada, and on some days we could feel it in our lungs when biking. But for the most part, we were still able to enjoy amazing views, even if they were hazy. We learned that WhiteFish typically gets 3-4ft of snow annually, but this year there was only a couple of inches, so the impact of climate change is felt in the summers when they are super dry from not having water from the snow in the winters.

Celebrating Brady’s 15th Birthday

We surprised Brady and rented 2 e-bikes for his birthday. They were different brands and speeds for one of us to ride along with him. He was super excited as he has always wanted to try an electric bike and with all of the available trails, WhiteFish was the perfect place to ride relatively safely. Piper loved riding the e-bikes as well! They were surprisingly easy to figure out and really helped to climb the steep hills.

WhiteFish Ski Lodge

Like many ski resorts, WhiteFish does a great job of offering summer fun to its visitors. There’s a ropes course, gondola ride, downhill mountain biking, and activities for the little ones. There are also several alpine slides, which we went on! We tried to book the downhill biking, but reservations were sold out.


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