Bar Harbah Adventures

We’ve been practicing our best pronunciations for Bar Harbah…lobstah…and they all sound so great now. Folks think we are local. Downtown Bar Harbor is beautiful with shops along the waterfront, a port where cruise boats dock, and a sand bar, where at low tide Bar Island is easily accessible, but with the rising tide, it is covered.

We picked a few key adventures for our time here to get to the know the area a little better. This area has so much history and a personality of its own.

Rock Climbing School

Brady and Piper love rock climbing and have taken a few indoor classes. We saw folks climbing, so we explored our options. Atlantic Climbing School received phenomenal reviews in terms of both experience and safety. Our instructor, Chris, was amazing and perfect for our family. And, as an added bonus a wilderness responder. He was the right combination of pushing us outside of our comfort zones, while allowing us to challenge ourselves, knowing he would catch us if we fell.

We climbed over Otter Cliffs, which was over the ocean. During our half day session, each climb had different challenges and requirements. It was a great confidence booster for all of us!

Brady’s smile after a tough climb summed up our experience. Pure joy!

Hiking Cadillac Mountain

There is a 27-mile park loop with lots of options for hiking and biking. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point of elevation on the east coast at nearly 1600ft, but small by comparison. However, the 360 degree views were covered in fog and rain by the time we arrived!

Carriage Road Trails

John D. Rockefeller financed and constructed nearly 57 miles of carriage trails, with 45 miles still used today. These trails are the park’s pride and joy, and carriages can still be rented to enjoy their views. We biked, with some tough inclines, which resulted in tired little legs.

Gorham Mountain

This popular hike provided beautiful views of Sand Beach.

Piper practiced her panoramic skills, and did a good job!

Lobstah Boat Ride

We hopped aboard Lulu’s Lobster Boat for an evening tour of seal harbor and lighthouse and to learn about lobsters.

We have so much respect for these fishermen and women, given the license, experience and physical labor requirements.

With sea temperatures rising, Bar Harbor is already seeing crabs typically found south in Portland, and anticipate that within 20 years there will be no lobsters in the area as they travel north towards Nova Scotia for cooler water.

Saying Goodbye to Maine

We loved our time in Acadia and downtown Bar Harbor. Brady discovered a local blueberry soda, and Piper loved fresh squeezed blueberry lemonade.

Our plan was to head back, stopping in Gettysburg and the Amish country, but we weren’t excited.

While in Bar Harbor, we hoped to take a ferry to Nova Scotia, but realized it was cancelled. Brady was excited about using his passport.

So, we looked at the map and changed plans. We decided to head to Niagara Falls, Canadian side, for more adventure.

Wheels up to a super long drive day!


12 thoughts on “Bar Harbah Adventures

  1. Enjoyed your wonderful adventure. Glad your plans are to go to Niagari Falls. We went couple years ago but we were on the US side because the Canadian side was so crowded it was a holiday for them. The Canadian side is the best. It was very hot the day we went but we still enjoyed the falls and the history. You will get special shoes to wear because your t is very wet and slippery. You can actually take a cable car from the US to the Canadian side. Enjoy, we be waiting for the next great Rhodes Adventure.


  2. We were in Bah Hahbah a few weeks ago, went up Cadillac Mt. and were so lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day! It’s a beautiful area😊


  3. Amanda,
    I absolutely love all of these fun updates! What a great place to visit! You all are so adventurous and I love living vicariously through you! I would love to visit Maine one day! Enjoy Niagara Falls! I have always heard the Canadian side is best! Lucky to have gone to the US side with you when we were in the Becks Youth Group! Love you! Enjoy!!


    1. Hi friend! So good to hear from you and thank you for reading along. You all would love Maine…I honestly can’t remember going to Niagara Falls in youth group??? Oh my goodness. Please tell me I skipped that year. My memory is so bad…one of the reasons I blog! Love you too!


      1. Lol! Yes a blog is great for the memories and fact recall! We went to Rodchester, NY in 92 I think!


  4. So fun to see all your pics!! What a wonderful trip!! We were in Bar Harbor on a bike trip a few years ago…and I think we experienced most of your adventures. Remember biking up Cadillac Mtn and the pop-overs (Jordan). Loved the hiking, biking and all the blueberries also!! Continue to enjoy every minute of your adventures and we love that you are sharing with us!!


    1. Hi Suzy! So nice to hear from you and hope you and Frankabelle are doing well! I bet a bike trip to Bar Harbor was amazing. I love how you and Bill live such active lives. Thank you for your encouragement.


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