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Heading to the Windy City

Alice’s Birthplace

We left Cincinnati and headed to Jackson Center, OH, home of the Airstream factory, and Alice’s birthplace. We took a tour and learned so much about their production line. Our tour guide has worked at Airstream for 50 years, and been giving tours for the past 30 years. It was so heart warming to see his love for the company, and to hear old stories.


There are several vintage Airstreams, one of which was the founder’s, Wally Bynum. We could tell Alice was a little unsettled because Wally’s was always the “golden child.”


Blowing into Chicago

What goes up, must go down.  Our downward turn started with part of the sheathing underneath Alice falling down. We were alerted and pulled off, where Steven tried to secure it with screws and duck tape. (So thankful to have a hands-on husband who can handle these challenges!)  Then, when we were almost into downtown Chicago, it fell again, but this time we saw sparks and had lots of drivers alerting us, only it wasn’t safe to pull off…in bumper to bumper traffic…at 10pm…with no shoulder.  Finally we could, and realized not only was the piece dragging, but the hitch plate had ripped away from the receiver. The bikes were dangling, nearly tumbling out onto the highway.  Steven removed the bike rack, taped the piece of the camper again, threw the bikes in the back of the truck and we headed into a severe thunderstorm.


Because it was so hard to see in the rain, and not labeled well, we couldn’t find our home, the McCormick Place parking lot and didn’t know the area well enough to keep driving. Security found us on camera and guided us into the lot…But!!

God sent drivers who alerted us, a safe place to pull off the road, and a personal escort to our home for the evening.  Such great life lessons for all of us.

McCormick Place Parking Lot B

This is the main parking lot for truckers and buses beside of the Convention Center. There is security, and it’s quiet, besides the highway traffic.

Our parking spot was perfect! We took a Lyft downtown, and had other RV neighbors beside us both nights. And, it is only $35/night, saving a significant amount of money, and time getting in and out of the city when we only had two days. The only challenges were that our generators only last about 4 hours, and with potable water, we didn’t run the showers long enough to test the hot water. So, after the air cut off, it felt like camping in NC! Then, we took freezing cold showers to cool off.

Visiting Chicago

We were tired from an eventful night, but made it a great day!


We did a double decker tour, because the kids love them and it’s easy to jump on and off, walked to Navy Pier, Millinium Park, rode up into the John Hancock Building to have a lemonade, ate at Geno’s East, got some popcorn from Garrett’s, the cheese and carmel, and went to the Museum of Science and Technology. The museum was awesome.  Brady did a 3-D printing workshop where he was able to create a figure using the computer program,  CAD, then printed it. He was in Heaven. His figure turned out great, mine…not so much!


And, Piper was able to spend time in the genetics exhibit, watching baby chicks who were born today, and others still pecking their way out of their shells. A perfect combination.


Heading to Rochester, MN!



10 thoughts on “Heading to the Windy City

  1. We are so glad you are maneuvering “over the rocks in the road” and, through everything, giving thanks🙏🏽
    I was remembering the “cheese facts” on the wall behind Steven and Piper seeing the chicks born when fixing omelettes for breakfast this morning!! Praying for your safety and “amazing adventures”!!
    We love you, Mom and Mike


  2. Amy so glad you survived what sounds like a scary situation. Praying your next few days are are easier and less eventful😊 Safe travels and fun days.


  3. Thanks for taking the time to share your stories. We think of you guys often and hope you are finding some humor in some of the challenges. Miss you guys!!

    That Capps family


  4. We love all the details! Keep them coming! We loved the watching the chicks hatch, too, and we thought of Piper at the time. 🙂


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