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Cincinnati, the Rhodes are Here!

Charging Our Batteries

Alice is resting for several days at a beautiful campground within Winton Woods County Park outside of Cincinnati. (Thank you Buchanan’s for the recommendation!) The sites are beautiful and spacious and the park has a golf course, water park for younger children and boat rentals. We walked and roller bladed on the paved trails, then went kayaking. 

The Ark Encounter

We visited the Ark Encounter, an amazing replica of Noah’s Ark, built to scale using the dimensions in the Bible. No wonder it took Noah almost 50 years!

Walking into the Ark was incredible, with three decks of exhibits, going from Noah’s life before the flood and building the ark, living in the ark and then life afterwards. The Ark itself is a marvel at seven stories tall and a football and a half long, and is the largest timber structure in the world. It brought the Bible to life and answered questions interactively.  Brady said “this is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to bring my kids here!” (Although he said he would bring them before they turned 5, because then he wouldn’t have to pay for them!) We spent most of the day at the Ark and the petting zoo outback.  ​

These exhibits brought the Bible to life. There is also Creation museum, which we hear is great too, but we chose between the two.

Heading downtown next!



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