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Alice was Born

We started our adventure with exploring whether we’d like to build a tiny house or buy a camper.  For us, the Airstream seemed like the best alternative.  So we set out sight unseen and purchased Alice, our ’85 Airstream, with the goal of renovating “her” ourselves.  We stripped everything out, including the nearly 20 year old can of beef and gravy.    Here are a few pictures of her “cleaned up!” (Beth Tilly Green Photography)

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After painfully realizing that we didn’t have the right equipment to stop the leaks, replace the rotten floor and allocate the appropriate weight, we were tickled to learn that we have experienced professionals at Capital City Customs, Inc., in our backyard!

Dan and Lisa Matthews do impeccable custom work, and were recently featured in NC’s “Our State” magazine. We loved being able to design our dream and work with Dan to help us bring it to a reality.  The perfect combination of building a Tiny Home on wheels!

  Capital City Customs Facebook Page;  Capital City Customs, Inc.

7 thoughts on “Alice was Born

    1. Amanda, love the Airstream. Did not know you were campers. We purchased a “tiny house on wheels/camper a couple of years ago and love it. We have a 28ft. Jayco White Hawk. We have had fun taking her to interesting campgrounds, beach, mountains, and races. Look forward to a trip out west hopefully when we retire. Have a great trip and we will pray for safe travels:)


      1. Hi Debbie, So nice to hear from you! Glad that you guys are having fun adventures too. Hope that your kids and grand babies are doing well! Thank you for following us and tell Steve hello for me! 😘


  1. I love Alice! How beautiful now! I can’t wait to vicariously enjoy your journey. We love you!!!
    Happy Trails!!


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